Mezzanine Types

Types of Mezzanine: Structural

Steel Stuctural Mezzanine: This type of mezzanine is generally constructed with I-beams, channels & steel bar joist stringers. Its higher weight capacity allows for longer spans between columns.

Types of Mezzanine: Roll-Formed

Roll-formed Mezzanine: A roll-formed mezzanine structure is made from cold rolled steel and is much lighter than its steel structural counterpart.

Types of Mezzanine: Rack & Shelf Supported

Pallet Rack & Shelf Supported Mezzanine: Normally used in conjunction with roll-formed mezzanine, this type of mezzanine is supported by a racking or shelving system. Since the mezzanine is being supported by the storage system below, the area above is commonly used as a work area.

Types of Mezzanine: GOH

GOH Mezzanine: Same concept as a rack supported mezzanine — this type of mezzanine commonly uses single post pallet racking frames with a garment rail system.